How come my patch does does not have an iron-on back?

Your patch does indeed have an iron-on back, there is a protective paper blocking the adhesive. Make sure to peel the back of the patch before ironing.

How do you apply the the iron-on patches?

Whether you are using a household iron (back side) or a heat press (front side) please use a non-stick sheet (teflon or parchment paper) on the front of the patch. The reason for this is that sometimes the adhesive comes through to the front side of the patch when heated and the this will prevent the patches front side from sticking to something.

1.) Peel the protective backing

2a.) With a heat press - 300 degrees for 15 seconds - press from the front side of

2b.) With a household iron - 300 degrees (wool setting) for 15 seconds - press from
the back side of the fabric.

Can the patches be washed?

Patches can be dry cleaned or washed in a washing machine with cold water -

air dry.

Can the patch be sewed on?

A lot of buyers do end up sewing on the patches. We would personally peel the protective back first so its sticky and can be put where you want it and then sew through the border.